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Just like motor vehicles, motorcycles, RVs, and trucks, California’s Lemon Law protects boats and other watercraft that have been sold with a manufacturer’s warranty. Today’s current Lemon Law went into effect when the California State legislature passed the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act in 1971. It was originally enacted to provide the consumer with financial relief when they purchased a defective vehicle but has been expanded to include boats and watercraft, as well as other consumer goods.

The state of California has one of the most comprehensive Lemon Laws in the United States today that ensures consumers are protected when purchasing a broad range of products. If you find that your boat or watercraft is a lemon, a Boats and Watercraft Lemon attorney in Moorpark with the Braff Law Firm can help. We can explain your options and your legal rights when filing a Lemon Law claim, as you may be entitled to a cash settlement, a refund of your original purchase, or a replacement boat or watercraft.

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What Types of Watercraft are Covered by California’s Lemon Law?

California’s Lemon Law applies to any boat or watercraft defect or defects that can compromise the safety, usefulness, or value of it. Consumers have two options under the law. They can require the manufacturer to reimburse them for the boat (or any other type of watercraft) including the purchase price and repair costs, or they can ask to have the vessel replaced.

Typically, boats and other types of watercrafts can qualify if a dealer or other authorized repair facility failed to correct the defect after several attempts to do so. California’s Lemon Law will cover the following types of boats and watercraft provided they were sold with a warranty:

The California Lemon Law is designed to protect consumers who have purchased new motor vehicles/boats/watercrafts with defects that cannot be repaired after a reasonable number of attempts. In addition, the law allows consumers to return their vehicle for a full refund or replacement if they are still experiencing problems. Keep in mind that consumers must give the authorized repair facility, dealership, or manufacturer a reasonable opportunity correct the defect. If the manufacturer fails to refund your money or replace the vessel, your next step should be to contact the Braff Law Firm and consult with a Boat and Watercraft Lemon lawyer in Moorpark.

Proving That a Boat or Watercraft is a Lemon

If your boat or watercraft is a lemon, you must prove that it’s covered under California’s Lemon Law and that it truly is a lemon. As a result, you must prove that:

If the dealership or manufacturer disputes your claim, you should consult with a Braff Law Firm Boats and Watercraft Lemon attorney in Moorpark to learn what can be done. At Braff Law Firm, we know the frustration you feel having your watercraft break down repeatedly. Especially when what you were promised, and what you got, were two different things. With years of experience under our belt as a top Lemon Law firm in California, we have developed a strategy for winning cases against several boat manufacturers and dealerships.

Three Reasons Why Lemon Law Claims are Denied

Many individuals that have leased or purchased boats, or other watercraft, must file Lemon Law claims because their vessel is defective. They either want their money refunded or the vessel replaced. Unfortunately, some claims that are entirely valid get denied by the manufacturer. There are three reasons why this could happen with your Lemon Law claim:

The denial of a claim is a phenomenon that occurs in many industries. Unfortunately, many consumers don’t have the time to continue pursuing a claim or simply don’t understand their rights under the law. An experienced Boats and Watercraft Lemon lawyer in Moorpark with the Braff Law Firm won’t let you get bullied in this manner and will aggressively advocate for damages on your behalf in your Lemon Law claim.

There have been cases where the manufacturer denied the claim because they had other motives, and not because they were ignorant of the facts or the law. For instance, they believed your right to file a Lemon Law may be expiring soon or were trying to “run out the clock” on the statute of limitations for filing.

In most cases, a manufacturer will investigate a Lemon Law claim. However, they might miss some important facts or information relative to your case. As a result, they could be led to believe that the claim is unsubstantiated. Another reason for the denial might be that the individual handling your claim didn’t apply the law correctly.

Our goal is to recover your loss as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you’re not sure if your vehicle meets this requirement, please call us, or fill out our online form for a free consultation. To learn more about how a Boats and Watercraft Lemon attorney in Moorpark can assist you with your Lemon Law claim, call the Braff Law Firm. We are here to help you get the necessary assistance. Call now.

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