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Have you recently purchased a boat or other watercraft that you’ve been dreaming about for years? Naturally, you assumed that it would be in perfect condition and safe to use. But now you seem to be spending a lot more time getting it repaired instead of being out on the water. Suddenly it dawns on you that you bought a lemon. Now you want a refund on the purchase, or a replacement from the dealership. You are seeking another watercraft that won’t be in the shop, unless it’s getting its regular maintenance requirements taken care of.

This is where the Braff Law Firm can help with a boat and watercraft Lemon lawyer in Fontana. Our experienced attorneys can help you navigate the refund or replacement process where your defective boat or watercraft is concerned. Remember, California’s Lemon Law doesn’t just apply to automobiles and other vehicles. You’re protected if the boat or watercraft you purchased is a lemon. Furthermore, the California Department of Boating and Waterways enforces repair laws for boats and other watercraft. That is why it helps to maintain a record of the issues and repairs that have taken place, before you decide to consult with our team of lawyers.

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Watercraft Covered by California’s Lemon Law

California’s blanket Lemon Law has been invoked many times in the past where boats and other watercraft were categorized as being defective. Consequently, the law applies if you bought any of the following watercraft for your personal use:

If you purchased your watercraft new with a valid manufacturer’s warranty, and are having the same repeated repair issues, a boat and watercraft Lemon lawyer in Fontana, with the Braff Law Firm, can help you determine if you have a valid claim. Our team of expert lawyers understand the nuances of lemon laws and will take all care to ensure that you get justice for your failed investment.

Criteria for Determining If a Watercraft is a Lemon

Simply stated, a boat or other type of watercraft is considered a lemon if it fails to perform the way it’s supposed to, it was covered by the manufacturer’s warranty when you purchased it, and you’ve been unsuccessful in your attempts to have it repaired. If you do have a lemon boat or watercraft according to California’s Lemon Law, the manufacturer is required to reimburse you for the cost of the boat, or watercraft, and the repairs that were done, or replace it.

However, for you to win your Lemon Law case, you must prove that:

If you’re still unsure whether your boat or watercraft is eligible for a buy-back or replacement, schedule a consultation with a Braff Law Firm. A boat and watercraft Lemon lawyer in Fontana will be available to assist you today. Our lawyers will provide a consultation to evaluate your case and judge the merits of your claim.

If You Suspect Your Boat or Watercraft is a Lemon

Remember, Your Safety is Priority #1. If you’ve noticed that your boat or watercraft has a malfunction or a substantial defect that could result in injury or death, stop using it immediately! Call our law firm and schedule a free consultation to evaluate your claim. We’ll walk you through the Lemon Law claim’s process against the dealership or manufacturer. We have helped dozens of boat and watercraft owners like yourself who found themselves continually repairing the same defect or problem.

Once you’ve contacted the Braff Law Firm and scheduled a FREE consultation with a boat and watercraft Lemon lawyer in Fontana, it’s important to document everything that pertains to your claim. Obviously, you’re the best source for this because no one, other than those who are close to you, understands what you’re dealing with where your boat or watercraft is concerned. Furthermore, don’t expect the dealership or manufacturer to help you with the matter. They made a sale and got a commission which is the only thing that matters to them. However, you lose money, if the boat or watercraft you bought turns out to be a lemon. You need to get the investment replaced or refunded. And that is where we step in. We have helped vehicle owners get justice and know that boats and watercrafts are covered under this stringent law. You can seek legal consultation with us.

Instead, be proactive. Always ask for copies of anything pertaining to the defect such as copies of work orders and repair receipts. Even if they haven’t or are unable to fix the problem on that trip to the shop, ask for an invoice anyway. Get the names and titles of anyone you’ve spoken with or written to regarding the problem. And be sure to take notes of every conversation, e-mail, or written letter.

Don’t be surprised if the dealership or manufacturer tries to convince you that your boat or watercraft isn’t a lemon. Don’t pay any attention to them. Remember, they’re not attorneys. In fact, they may be the defendants in a lawsuit if your boat and watercraft Braff Law Firm Lemon lawyer, in Fontana, cannot resolve the issue out of court. For more information, call us today at (909) 333-5446.

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