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No one expects a newly purchased or leased vehicle to malfunction due to external or internal defects within a few days, weeks, or months of the transaction. However, many consumers in California have noticed their vehicles malfunction before the expiration of their warranty. Some consumers have noticed recurrence of the same or new issue despite repairing the vehicle multiple times.

A vehicle, which fails to function properly despite multiple repairs or replacement of the defective parts, is termed as a lemon. In California, the Lemon Law is supposed to protect the consumers who have unknowingly bought or leased a defective motor-vehicle (SUV, truck, van, car, or motorcycle).

Therefore, you must consult with experienced lawyers who practice Lemon Law if you are frustrated with the malfunctioning of your vehicle despite being repaired multiple times. At our Braff Law Firm office in Cathedral City, you will find a team of skilled, successful, and dedicated lawyers that are well-versed in the field of Lemon Law.

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Claiming under the Lemon Law is not easy. There are many important factors to consider before filing a claim. It is equally important to navigate various issues if you want to recover full compensation. In this legal fight, you need the assistance of experienced lawyers who practice in the field of Lemon Law and have ensured favorable outcome for their clients.

At the Braff Law Firm in Cathedral City, a team of expert lawyers will represent your case once you retain their service. We can protect you from the crafty legal strategies of the lawyers retained by influential automobile companies. Therefore, it is prudent to consult with our legal team if your newly purchased or leased vehicle continues to malfunction despite multiple repairs.

What is Covered by Lemon Laws?

In California, Lemon Law is applicable on both new and used cars along with other motor-vehicles. However, a vehicle must be sold with express warranty in order to be covered by the Lemon Laws of California. If there are defects to your new, used or leased motor-vehicle, then an auto manufacturer has multiple opportunities to repair the issue. Your case needs to have the following elements if you want to have a valid claim under the Lemon Law.

It is difficult for a consumer to determine whether their car is eligible for the Lemon Law despite learning about these elements. At the Braff Law Firm, you will find a team of dedicated lawyers who practice Lemon Law. Give us a call today if you want to be represented by us. We will communicate with the auto manufacturer if your vehicle is fit to be categorized as a lemon. Our experienced Lemon Law attorneys in Cathedral City can recover full damages for you.

California Lemon Law

According to the Lemon Law of California, your vehicle will be considered defective if it fails to function properly despite being repaired multiple times. This law is applicable to new, used, and leased cars alongside being applicable to other motor-vehicles, such as a truck, or RV. However, the vehicles must be covered under manufacturer’s warranty to be covered by Lemon Law.

At the Braff Law Firm in Cathedral City, you will find a team of experienced Lemon Law attorneys. They know how to negotiate and litigate the claims associated with defective vehicles or ‘Lemons’. We know that you made a substantial investment when purchasing or leasing a vehicle. Our experienced Lemon Law attorneys will evaluate your case during the first scheduled appointment.

The consumers of newly purchased or leased vehicles do not have to worry about any defects or malfunctioning. Therefore, you are entitled to recover full replacement or compensation for your vehicle if it is a ‘lemon’.

What is the Eligibility to File a Lemon Law Claim?

You are entitled to file a Lemon Law claim if –

However, it is prudent to have your case evaluated by experienced lawyers at the Braff Law firm before filing a claim. We will ensure that you have a valid case and there are no factors to jeopardize your claim. The eligibility criteria for the Lemon Law claim are as follows.

It is wise not to navigate through the complicated legal proceedings without retaining a lawyer’s service.

Facts on California Lemon Law

It is essential to learn about the facts pertaining to Lemon Law in California:

Auto Manufactures Get the Opportunity to Repair a Vehicle

A vehicle is a lemon if an auto-manufacturer cannot repair the defects after multiple attempts. Therefore, the manufacturing companies need to have an opportunity to repair a defective vehicle before a claim has been filed under the Lemon Law. The repairs, which are carried out without informing an auto-manufacturer, are not counted.

Lemon Law is Applicable on Vehicles with Warranty

The Lemon Law is not applicable for the issues which are not covered under warranty. It is equally important for an issue to be discovered within 18 months of buying or leasing a vehicle or 18,000 miles after leasing or buying the vehicle.

Most of the auto manufacturing companies will deny or devalue a Lemon Law claim. Therefore, it is prudent to let the experienced lawyers from the Braff Law firm file a claim and negotiate on your behalf. Contact us for more details or to book a consultation.

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