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You have a lemon if you have bought or leased a vehicle that has issues or nonconformities that impair the safety, use or value of the automobile or vehicle. Under the Lemon Laws of California, such vehicles qualify as lemons. If you are frustrated after purchasing or leasing such a car or vehicle, it is time to consult with the Braff Law Firm today. We are one of the leading law firms in California that represents consumers in lemon law claims against auto manufacturers in Moorpark.

Usually, when people call us, they are not sure whether their vehicle is eligible as per the criteria of Lemon laws in California. For your boat, truck, trailer, or car to be eligible it must have a defect that causes substantial impairment in the use and safety of the vehicle. However, you just cannot declare your vehicle to be defective, but the auto manufacturer is given a few chances to get the vehicle repaired at its authorized repair facility. Oftentimes, only an attempt or two is done to repair it before the boat or your automobile qualifies as a lemon, as the defect is serious.

 Oftentimes, serious defects that most vehicles have is transmission failure or engine seizure. That is why one of the key factors of eligibility for a vehicle that is under warranty to be termed as a lemon is that there should be at least 4 attempts made to rectify the same issue. However, there are exceptions to all cases. Thus, if you have been having issues that refuse to be rectified in your vehicle, it is time to call in the Braff Law Firm today. Allow our expert lemon law attorneys to evaluate your case. There are no charges for the evaluation of your case. We know that even if a vehicle is used or new, it can qualify.

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 It is in the consumer’s favor if there is a recall of the model and make of vehicle that you own, due to manufacturer’s defects, or if the auto manufacturing service extends the warranty of a specific part of the vehicle.

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After the enhancement of the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty into the Tanner Consumer Protection Act, the vehicle is a lemon if you leased or bought a new vehicle and during the first 18 months that you had the vehicle or used it for 18,000 miles, then showed it to the dealer for the persistent issues with the vehicle that affects the safety, use or value of the vehicle. This happened 4 time or more and, in several cases, the issue was likely to cause an accident, serious injury or death. If you find, apart from this, that the vehicle was not working or out of service for a month or more, you might be eligible to file a lemon law claim.

Additionally, California has stringent lemon laws and thus, under the regulations, vehicles older than 18 months or with higher mileage may qualify for a buyback or a replacement from the auto manufacturer. This is only if the defects were established when the vehicle was under warranty, even if that warranty is over now. You might like to contact the Braff Law Firm located at Moorpark to evaluate if you have a lemon. Our initial appointment is free to evaluate your claim and our experts are here to assist you.

At the Braff Law Firm, we have evaluated many vehicles and represented clients with viable claims under Lemon Laws. Many of them were doubtful of getting a refund or replacement vehicle, but we aggressively represented their claims with auto manufacturers and got them the damages they rightfully needed. Another fact that many people are unaware of is that to file a lemon law claim, you do not have to have bought the car from the authorized dealer of that brand. As a consumer, you may be unaware that only an auto manufacturer can give a refund or replacement not any of the authorized dealers.

That is why if dealing with an aggressive team of legal experts representing the auto manufacturer isn’t you forte, it is right up our alley. We have represented thousands of consumers with defective vehicles that need to be replaced. We have won millions in dollars for our clients over the years and we can help. We’ll help you get the justice that you seek and that will not be possible by calling the customer care helplines of auto dealers.

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Though we’d like to tell you that such claims are easy and straightforward, but it is not so. There are multiple factors that need to be considered before you authorize us to file a lemon law claim. Most of the auto manufacturers have top legal firms that have profitable careers due to deterring consumer actions under lemon laws. That is why at the Braff Law Firm, we understand the nuances of legitimate legal strategy to counter each of the actions and ensure that they can give you a fair refund and compensation.

Most of the used vehicles which are sold still have portions of the original warranty as provided by the auto manufacturer. Usually, these vehicles have a basic warranty that provides auto coverage on components of the vehicle and its powertrain system. California law mandates that emissions component warranty coverage is needed for 70,000 miles or 7 years. The California warranty is more extensive than the Federal Emissions warranty as it covers various smog types. In case the defect in the truck or car is not covered by the warranties, you can file claim under lemon laws to obtain damages from the car manufacturers.

At the Braff Law Firm, we understand your situation and the money you have lost in leasing or purchasing such a defective vehicle. That is why it is important that you seek legal consultation with our lawyers and understand how the process needs to be handled. Call the Braff Law Firm today to know more about it.

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