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The purchase of a motor home or an RV requires a considerable amount of research and a significantly large investment. If you’ve leased or purchased such a recreational vehicle and you suspect that it is defective, it’s important to seek legal assistance with a RV home Lemon Law attorney in Corona from the Braff Law Firm. Whenever you’ve purchased a defective vehicle, this is an important step when it comes to protecting your rights. Our attorneys serve clients throughout Southern California and are committed to providing the compassionate and skilled legal representation that every consumer deserves. We have helped thousands of consumers under the ambit of Lemon laws and will ensure that you get proper resolution.

What is California’s Motor Home and RV Lemon Law?

California’s Lemon Law protects a broad range of motor vehicles including motor homes and RV’s. This often surprises many consumers who are unaware that the law isn’t limited to cars, motorcycles, SUVs, trucks, and vans. Because, after all, defective vehicles may fall into many category.

Furthermore, motor homes and RVs along with boats and other types of watercrafts are covered by the Lemon Law. So, when you consider that some motor homes and RVs can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, you have the right to expect this type of vehicle to run properly and be safe. And if they don’t, you have a right to seek legal redressal.

Thus, what are your options if your motor home or RV is defective? According to the motor home and RV Lemon Law, you have the right to seek legal representation and may be eligible to file a claim if you can prove the following:

Although California’s Lemon Law considers some defects to be acceptable or normal, the more serious or severe defects must be repaired within a reasonable period of time. If the dealership or manufacturer fails to comply with your claim and resolve the issue, your motor home or RV must be refunded or replaced. If you’ve been experiencing increasing repair costs because your vehicle is defective, you should consult with a RV Home Lemon Law lawyer in Corona with the Braff Law Firm to evaluate your case.

Compensation for the Inconvenience and Trouble You’ve Experienced

Depending on your circumstances, you could be entitled to compensations for:

At our law firm, our goal is to help clients receive the compensation they’re entitled to. A defective motor home or RV poses a significant threat to you and your passenger’s safety. Not to mention the fact that all those repairs can cause a serious financial strain for you and your family. The dealership or manufacturer must be held accountable for the inconvenience and trouble their product has caused. It’s just that simple.

That is where we step in. We will take care of all aspects of the claim and ensure that through negotiations with the RV manufacturers, we help you get replacement or a refund. It is your hard-earned money and we will take care that you get justice.

Types of Motor Homes and RVs Protected by California’s Lemon Law

If you’ve recently purchased a defective motor home or RV, California’s Lemon Law was enacted to protect consumers just like you. If the dealership or manufacturer is unable to repair the vehicle after numerous unsuccessful repair attempts, they are required to promptly refund your money or replace the vehicle. If they don’t, all you need to do is give us a call. We work on contingency basis which means that you only pay us after we help you get the refund or replacement for damages.

However, in many cases, dealerships and manufacturers deny claims and fail to make amends for the defective vehicle you’ve purchased (see below under “Denial of Lemon Law Claims”).

Several of the types of motor homes and RVs that the California Lemon Law usually protects, as were the focus of past claims, litigated by a Braff Law Firm RV Home Lemon Law attorney in Corona include:

Furthermore, there are several manufacturers that we have litigated against for a client’s Lemon Law claim including:

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I was having a tough time with my car and didn't know what to do. I was completely lost until I found Braff Law. They helped me through the lemon law process and it was so easy! Thank you for all of your help!

Susan Carter

I was stuck in a lease and had no idea what to do. After a quick online search I found out about the lemon law. I called up Braff and they were able to help me with everything. They always got back to me quickly and never hesitated to answer my questions.

Demi Armstrong

I have used Braff Legal Group before to help me with a lemon law issue and they were very helpful. I called them up and they were able to answer all my questions on the phone. The process of working with them was very straightforward, which was perfect for me because I am not good with filling out legal documents.

Edlyn Grace

These are several examples of the more common motor home and RV manufacturer’s makes and models that have qualified as lemons in past cases that an RV Home Lemon Law lawyer in Corona with the Braff Law Firm has handled. But, if you don’t see your motor home or RV manufacturer on this list, you still might have a valid Lemon Law claim. Remember, leased, new, and previously owned motor homes and RVs are protected by California’s Lemon Law provided the vehicle is still under warranty. It helps to bring in the receipts of the repairs and other documentation so that we can evaluate the case properly.

We know that by purchasing a motor home or RV it means that you’re investing recreation and relaxation, as well as a form of transportation. If you suspect yours is defective, call the Braff Law Firm at  and speak with an RV Home Lemon Law attorney in Corona now. Our legal team is available to help you. Call in to schedule an appointment today.

Our firm is dedicated to making sure that those who have been injured although they are not at fault of their own, need to get superior legal representation.

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