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Most motorcycle riders would agree that nothing is more exhilarating than taking to the open road on two wheels. Whether you’re cruising the city streets, country backroads, or interstate highways, California is one of the best states to own and operate a bike. The beauty of living in Southern California is that the weather permits you to ride your motorcycle throughout the year.

Furthermore, the state doesn’t prohibit weaving in and out of congested traffic (i.e., “lane splitting”). This enables motorcyclists to get through heavy traffic quicker than other vehicles on the road. Consequently, it’s easy to see why so many Californians ride motorcycles when commuting or traveling. Unfortunately, many motorcycle aficionados will unknowingly purchase lemons.

If you recently purchased a new or previously owned motorcycle that is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and suspect you’ve bought a lemon, a Motorcycle Lemon Law attorney in Corona with the Braff Law Firm can help you with your claim. We’ll be happy to schedule a FREE consultation so we can evaluate your circumstances and determine if you have a valid Lemon Law claim.

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California’s Lemon Law for Motorcycles

In the state of California, the Lemon Law applies to motorcycles as well as cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans. So, if you are having repeat problems or safety issues with your bike, you’ll be protected by this law. However, the motorcycle Lemon Law is different from that of other vehicles. The law states that if your motorcycle doesn’t match the quality of the same type of motorcycle (or one similar to it) or doesn’t perform the way it should, and all repair attempts have been unsuccessful, you may have bought a lemon.

Basically, this means that the manufacturer has a legal responsibility to refund your money or replace the motorcycle. Consequently, there is a limited number of attorneys in the state that specialize in the Lemon Law for motorcycles, because of how it differs from the law that covers other vehicles. When you hire the Braff Law Firm to represent your claim, a Motorcycle Lemon Law lawyer in Corona, will have the experience and expertise required to win your case.

Four Signs That Indicate Your Motorcycle is a Lemon

Generally speaking, any vehicle that continually breaks down soon after you purchased it, despite unsuccessful attempts to repair it, is considered a lemon under the law. But despite the definition, the four following factors must apply before you’re allowed to take legal action and hire our legal firm:

So, what should you do if you suspect you’ve purchased a lemon? First and foremost, stop driving your motorcycle immediately. Even the smallest defect can be dangerous and put you at risk of suffering a life-threatening injury. Second, be aware of your bike’s mileage because you only have a certain amount of time to report that your motorcycle is a lemon after purchasing it.

Next, be sure to keep detailed records of any conversations you’ve had with the dealer, manufacturer, or mechanic, as well as all details about the failed repair attempts. The more evidence you can provide to your Braff Law Firm Motorcycle Lemon Law attorney in Corona, the stronger the case they can build for you. Remember, you have rights as a California motorcycle owner.

Common Defects

When dealing with a dealer, salesperson, or manufacturer’s representative regarding a possible lemon law claim, do not rely on their advice. These individuals are not attorneys and may be obligated to defend their company even if its conduct violates the law. For example, the individual may tell you that your claim is time-barred because it didn’t begin within the warranty period. While this is something you should confirm with an attorney, you should never give up your rights under the lemon law. There is an extensive range of defects that any brand of motorcycle can have. These defects include, but aren’t limited to:

US Motorcycle Manufacturers

Although some motorcycle manufacturers have a better track record when it comes to the bikes they produce, no brand is immune to putting the occasional lemon on the market. The first step to obtaining compensation is taking action as soon as there is a potential warranty claim related to your motorcycle.

First, start putting together every invoice, receipt and service slip that shows proof of the claim. Next, record every call made to your motorcycle manufacturer or dealer’s service department. Document the date of the call, who you talked to and their title. Record any conversations you have with anyone during this process – including conversations with salespeople and service representatives – by writing down precisely what was said and when it happened. Some of the more common motorcycle brands that we’ve litigated Lemon Law claims against in the past include:

If your motorcycle was manufactured by one of the above companies and you’ve had continual problems with it after you purchased it, a Motorcycle Lemon Law lawyer in Corona with the Braff Law Firm wants to speak with you about your claim. For more information or to schedule a FREE case evaluation session, call our legal firm today at .

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