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Whether they recently bought a new motorcycle or have been riding one for years, most bike riders would agree that there is nothing more exhilarating than taking to the open road on two wheels. Unfortunately, many motorcycles go from being a person’s dream-come-true to their worst nightmare due to repeated mechanical problems, repairs, and safety issues that could’ve led to serious injuries.

If your motorcycle is still under warranty, and you’ve been dealing with repeated repairs since your purchase, a motorcycle Lemon Law attorney in Fontana will ensure that your rights to reimbursement or replacement are protected. The Braff Law Firm is fully aware that motorcycles are consumer goods. And the California’s Lemon Law for motorcycles permits the consumer to recover civil penalties, as well as your attorney’s fees.

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About California’s Motorcycle Lemon Law

California’s motorcycle Lemon Law is one of the most outstanding in the US. Not only does it protect the owner from getting stuck with a poorly manufactured bike, it requires the manufacturer to pay your attorney’s fees. Just keep in mind that every motorcycle manufacturer retains a legal team whose specialty is fighting Lemon Law claims. By requiring the manufacturer to pay motorcycle Lemon Law attorney fees in Fontana, we give the client an opportunity to get their bike repaired or replaced.

Furthermore, the client could be entitled to reimbursement for any other damages or fees that arise. The motorcycle Lemon Law is an extremely specialized area of the law and cases involving these types of claims can be very complex. So, whether you ride your bike for pleasure on California’s back-country roads or city streets, or ride it to work, experiencing a breakdown is going to leave you helpless, stranded, and mad. Not any longer because we are here to help you get the manufacturer to repurchase your motorcycle or replace the lemon.

Interpreting the Law

Motorcycles fall within the purview of the Lemon Laws in California. However, the laws that apply to boats and trailers as well as motorcycles are somewhat different from those that apply to automobiles. Motorcycles are covered under section 1793.2(d)(1) of the California Civil Code which applies to consumer goods provided they’ve been bought for family, household, or personal use, and sold with a warranty.

Just like with automobile Lemon Laws, motorcycles must have had more than the normal amount of maintenance and repairs. This is required when the consumer is asking for full replacement resulting from defects that are covered by the warranty. However, unlike automobiles, motorcycle manufacturers have the option of replacing or repurchasing the product in order to fulfill their obligations under the Lemon Law.

If you are worried about your investment going bust, it is time to seek legal advice and consultation with the leading Lemon Law attorneys in California. We have handled many such cases and have had considerable success for our clients. It is time to bring justice and seek replacement now. Call Braff Law Firm today.

Distinguishing Factors and Typical Issues

One of the more typical issues of cases, handled by a motorcycle Lemon Law attorney in Fontana, involves the number of days that the client’s bike has been out of service due to the number of “days in the shop” getting repaired. Additionally, a person’s motorcycle will spend a higher number of days in the shop. And a loaner vehicle won’t be provided, unlike what happens when an automobile goes in for extensive repairs. Plus, the issue of safety is more common when motorcycles are “lemons.” To start with, there is considerable risk driving a motorcycle. If the issue of safety is exemplified by being a lemon, you lose more than your peace of mind.

These types of issues make motorcycle Lemon Law claims easier to handle and stronger than those types of claims involving automobiles. As with every other case that a motorcycle Lemon Law attorney in Fontana handles, collecting documentation about the maintenance and repairs performed is of the utmost importance. In some cases, the client may have to create their own maintenance and repair journal as many repair shops may not provide the required warranty information or repair orders. It is best to start a maintenance journal after you purchase a motorcycle. If it turns out to be a lemon, you already have a record to show when a claim is filed.

Four Factors that categorize a Motorcycle as a Lemon

Generally speaking, a vehicle is considered to be a lemon if it continually breaks down shortly after purchasing it despite numerous repair attempts. However, under the current Lemon Laws, a motorcycle will be categorized as a lemon if the following four factors apply in your claim:

Is Your Motorcycle a Lemon?

If you suspect that your recently purchased motorcycle is a lemon due to experiencing repeated repairs during the warranty period, you must do the following:

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