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When you hire a motorcycle Lemon Law attorney in Moorpark with the Braff Law Firm, you’re hiring an individual who has years of experience and expertise in this area of California law. We have represented dozens of Californians who unknowingly bought a defective motorcycle produced by a wide range of manufacturers. The legal services we provide include an experienced legal team that can handle all the necessary forms and documentation for filing a Lemon Law in this jurisdiction.

In addition to filing all the required paperwork, we correspond with the manufacturer after investigating your motorcycle claim in order to negotiate a refund (repurchase) or a replacement. Additionally, we’ll make sure the entire claims process proceeds without any delays. With an experienced Braff Law Firm Motorcycle Lemon Law lawyer in Moorpark representing you, and your claim, it’s more likely that a manufacturer is going to agree to a refund of your money or a replacement motorcycle.

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Our Goals for the Client

Every legal endeavor should have an ideal outcome or results. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. However, the primary goal of our Lemon Law legal firm is to get as close to an ideal outcome or result as we possibly can, without ever settling for less than what the client deserves. Whether it’s getting a cash settlement and keeping the bike, having the manufacturer refund your money (repurchase the motorcycle), or providing you with a replacement vehicle, we will aggressively represent you in and out of court.

If you’ve recently purchased a motorcycle whose defects cannot be fixed after a reasonable number of repair attempts, it’s time for you to sit down with a Braff Law Firm Motorcycle Lemon Law attorney, in Moorpark, to discuss your situation. As a result, there are certain abilities and qualities that we possess when handling your Lemon Law claim. These include the following goals:

As your legal representative, we can ease your stress and worries by initiating your Lemon Law claim and achieving the best possible outcome on your behalf. Your claim will be handled correctly, cost-effectively, and efficiently when you work with a Braff Law Firm’s Motorcycle Lemon Law lawyer in Moorpark. You can be confident of that.

Since we specialize in Lemon Law claims, we know exactly what is required to get you a refund or a replacement motorcycle. If your bike has a defect or safety issue that cannot be repaired after several attempts, we’ll provide aggressive representation and put pressure on the manufacturer to make things right. If, after two or more attempts at repairing your motorcycle, you’re still having problems, we’ll see that your money is refunded or your motorcycle is replaced without further delay.

California’s Lemon Law as It Applies to Motorcycles

California’s Lemon Law covers motorcycles that are registered in the state and can be driven on all highways and roads in similar fashion to the coverage it provides for other motor vehicles. Your motorcycle may be a lemon if any of the following criteria are met:

Keep in mind that motorcycles used for off-road purposes and aren’t registered for use on the California’s highways and roadways (e.g., dirt bikes) aren’t protected by the Lemon Law. However, the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (California’s Lemon Law) may provide coverage for these vehicles since they are categorized as consumer goods. Without the proper documentation, you are at the mercy of the repair shop and the motorcycle dealership. So how do you figure out who is at fault?

Repair shops can be a nightmare for motorcycle owners. Unfortunately, when it comes to repairs, there are many misconceptions and myths about lemon laws, rights, and responsibilities. And, what constitutes a repair shop that gives drivers the run-around? Let us guide you through this process and ensure all your bases are covered before filing suit against the manufacturer. To determine if your motorcycle is covered, you should schedule a FREE consultation with a Motorcycle Lemon Law attorney in Moorpark with the Braff Law Firm. Our lawyers are conversant with all types of claims filed under the Lemon laws in California.

Common Warning Signs and Safety Concerns

Under California’s Lemons Law, a product is considered defective if it has a substantial defect that would have cause you not to buy the product, if you had known about it. There is an extensive range of defects that indicate your motorcycle may be a lemon. Although this isn’t an exhaustive list, the most common warning signs include:

Additionally, there are certain safety concerns to think about. Any defect, regardless of how minor it appears to be, can be very serious when it comes to riding your bike and potentially lead to serious or even fatal injuries. Don’t take chances with a defective motorcycle. Call the Braff Law Firm today and discuss your case with an experienced Motorcycle Lemon Law lawyer in Moorpark.

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