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One of the lesser-known personal injury claims is the one that deals with defective products. These are called product liability claims, and these types of personal injury claims can be very difficult to litigate. Most injury lawyers are experienced in litigating product liability personal injury claims. If you think you may have been injured due to product defect, it’s important to select a lawyer who has experience in that field. With Offices in Fontana, Corona, Moorpark and Cathedral City, Braff Law Firm is a team of personal injury lawyers and is experienced in product liability claims.

Product liability claims have the potential to be complicated. They can also be hard to prove. The simple explanation of product liability injuries are injuries that are caused if a product is defective due to manufacturing errors, lack of proper instruction or a flaw in the design. Even if a product has been improperly inspected before it was sold, can result in product liability claims.

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Some of the more common causes of these accidents include:

Regardless of your defensive driving skills and the efforts you take, the bottom line is that motor vehicle accidents will keep occurring.  Consequently, we at Braff Law Firm have seen a growing need for experienced personal injury lawyers to handle the amount of accident benefit claims that are getting filed on an annual basis.  Thankfully, the majority of the motor vehicle accidents are relatively minor in nature.

This is the most common product liability claim, and sometimes the easiest to prove, depending on the situation. There is a flaw in the product manufacturing process. Manufacturing error is a fault that was in the product during its production process. And that error made the product dangerous.

This is not as common when it comes to product liability claims since most item designs go through rigorous testing before they reach the manufacturing stage. Defective design refers to a flawed design which makes the product inherently dangerous. This has nothing to do with the manufacturer since, in these cases, the manufacturer would have made the product according to design specs.

Consumers are required to be informed of potential dangers of using a product. If the consumer is not adequately warned or instructed about the product and potential dangers of using a particular product, then this is called Failure to Warn product liability.

In short, when dealing with product liability claims, the main point of these claims is to remember that there is a legal responsibility of each person or entity involves in the creation, production and selling of the product, to make sure that the product they are selling is safe. This responsibility rests on the designer, manufacturer and distributor.

Product Liability Claims and Compensation

The product will be examined to determine the cause of the defect. The manufacturing process will be analyzed and any shortcut or disregard for regulations will be exposed. Our firm also does research into the design process of the product.

Braff Law Firm has completed a comprehensive investigation, we will be able to determine all liable parties and work on getting you the compensation you deserve. Contact us today.