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There are many benefits to public transportation in California, just like in other parts of the country. This type of transportation is easily accessible and affordable while it is environmentally friendly as it reduces the number of vehicles on the road and the quantity of harmful emissions sent out by hundreds of vehicles.

Public transportation makes it easier for many people to get to work or to school reducing the need for many people to take the slower route of walking or taking a bike. As the population of Fontana, Corona, Cathedral City and Moorpark increases, so does the number of buses on the roads. With more buses on the road, there is a greater chance of public transportation accidents throughout the state. Sometimes the accidents are serious and can have a huge negative impact on the people who have been hit by a bus.

This doesn’t make public transit a bad service to have. It does, however, mean that the general population needs to be more aware that these types of accidents happen and needs to know that should this type of accident happen, there are laws in California that protect the injured party and provides financial compensation so that people can go on living their lives to near the same level and quality they had before the accident.

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In order to fully access this level of compensation, it’s necessary to hire a lawyer to navigate the often-complex legal field of personal injury law. Braff Law Firm has extensive experience with personal injury cases like public transit accidents. We serve people all over California and specialize in helping those who live in Fontana, Corona, Moorpark and Cathedral City.

Compensation for Public Transit Injury

Public transportation are an interwoven and complex system of different vehicles, operators and government agencies that run them. This is necessary in order to provide the necessary level of public transportation to a large group of people. Public transit systems are maintained by through state and federal and municipal overlapping government bodies. This is a good feature when it comes to getting the funding to run the system.

There is a duty of care by the public transit system that are insured for transport operations. Most follow this duty of care. Yet accidents can still happen. When they do, dealing with insurance companies for a payout becomes necessary. In addition to the bureaucracy, navigating the field of insurance companies can be challenging. At Braff Law Firm, our lawyers can assist you through the whole legal process with ease to make sure you get the entitled compensation. We have extensive experience in public transit personal injury accidents.

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It can be made worse if the personal injury victim doesn’t receive the care they need immediately. Braff Law Firm aggressively advocate for you to make sure you get the compensation you deserve so that you can focus on healing from your injuries. We are highly trusted and well known in California. Contact us today for a free consultation.