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Are you struggling to get your new or leased truck to run efficiently? Have you spent more time at the workshop than on the road? Well, every consumer that purchases a new or previously owned truck that is still under warranty assumes that they have bought a reliable vehicle. They also assume that, should a problem arise, the manufacturer will repair it quickly so they can get it back on the road.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. If your truck is still having problems after being in the repair shop multiple times, according to California’s Truck Lemon Law, you might have purchased a “lemon”. If you think you’ve leased or purchased a truck that’s a lemon, the Braff Law Firm can help with a Lemon Trucks lawyer in Fontana. Our legal team of experienced lawyers and lemon law attorneys understand how to deal, when our clients are handed a lemon. We have represented innumerable clients in Fontana and surrounding cities in California that were dealing with the stress of owning a lemon. We have helped negotiate and litigate with auto manufacturers to get the lemon replaced or refunded.

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California’s Truck Lemon Law – the Basics

If a consumer purchases or leases a new or previously owned truck and it is found to have defects, the Lemon Law ensures that they will get a refund or have the vehicle replaced at no charge. In order for a consumer to qualify for a truck Lemon Law claim, the following must be true:

Furthermore, the consumer/purchaser of the truck must allow the dealership to attempt making repairs on the vehicle. If, after a specific number of attempts to repair the vehicle, has failed to correct the problem, the consumer should contact a lemon trucks lawyer in Fontana. A Braff Law Firm attorney will file a Lemon Law claim on your behalf. By hiring a Lemon Law attorney from our firm, your rights in the matter will be protected under the law.

Does the Truck Lemon Law Apply to Vehicles Used for a Business?

Californians purchase vehicles for family, household, and other personal purposes, all of which are covered by the state’s Lemon Law. But, what about vehicles that are used for business purposes? Does the Lemon Law cover them as well? The answer is YES, provided they meet the following criteria:

If the truck that you’ve leased or purchased for your business meets the above criteria, it will be covered by California’s Lemon Law. Additionally, there is NO specific number of trips to the dealership/manufacturer required to automatically categorize the truck as a lemon. If the problem is a significant safety issue, two trips for repairs may suffice. In any event, you should contact a lemon trucks lawyer in Fontana from the Braff Law Firm. We understand that some vehicles have defects due to poor quality checks or negligence that makes them lemons, but as your investment is at stake, redressal is needed.

Common Defects – Truck Lemons

According to California’s Lemon Law, in order to qualify as a lemon, a truck must have a substantial defect that compromises the safety, use, or value of it, as well as the person operating the vehicle, and any passengers that may be riding in it, as well. This entails a broad range of defects with different vehicle parts and systems including:

If you suspect that your leased or purchased truck is a lemon because of any of the above issues, remember to document everything before visiting the Braff Law Firm and discussing your circumstances with an experienced lemon trucks lawyer in Fontana. We will evaluate your claim and check the merits so that we can represent your case.

Three Reasons Truck Manufacturers Will Deny Lemon Law Claims

Not surprisingly, many truck manufacturers will deny the initial Lemon Law claims filed against them. Three of the most common reasons for this include:

If you suspect that you recently leased or purchased a truck that’s a lemon, call the Braff Law Firm now at (909) 333-5446 and speak with a lemon trucks lawyer in Fontana.

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