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When you buy or lease a new truck that is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, it’s reasonable for you to assume that it will perform as promised and will also be a reliable vehicle for years to come. It’s also reasonable to assume that when any problems arise while under warranty, it will be fixed by the dealership or manufacturer. Or that the manufacturer will live up to the warranty. Unfortunately, this isn’t always what happens, and you don’t achieve the outcome you’d hoped for.

If your truck is still having problems after several unsuccessful repair attempts, you may have leased or purchased a lemon. If this is the case, you should immediately consult with the Braff Law Firm for a Lemon Trucks Attorney in Cathedral City. We can evaluate your case and be able to determine if you have a valid Lemon Law claim. If so, we’ll take legal action and file a claim against the manufacture. You could be entitled to some form of compensation such as a cash settlement, a refund, or a replacement vehicle.

Basics of California’s Lemon Law for Trucks

As mentioned above, you could be entitled to a cash settlement and keep the truck, a refund of your original purpose, or a replacement truck if you leased or purchased a defective vehicle. In order to qualify, the following must be true:

Furthermore, you are obligated by law to afford the dealership a chance to repair the issue. If a reasonable number of repair attempts are unsuccessful, you should call the Braff Law Firm and discuss filing a claim with a Lemon Trucks Lawyer in Cathedral City.

We know that it starts with warranty claims and moves on to never ending breakdowns and repairs. However, that can be stopped. It is possible that the issues with your truck might be violating the federal and state lemon laws. That will make it possible for filing a Lemon lawsuit and we will ensure that you succeed in getting a refund or replacement of the truck.

What Qualifies a Truck as a Lemon?

There are several defects or problems that can adversely affect a truck’s operation, as well as you and your passenger’s safety. While regularly scheduled preventative maintenance is normal, having to tolerate a truck that’s a lemon is unreasonable, especially if the defect(s) poses a serious threat to your safety. Several defects that could qualify your truck or any other vehicle as a lemon include the following:

If you’re constantly taking your truck in for repairs but the issue persists, a Lemon Trucks Attorney in Cathedral City with the Braff Law Firm can help. We’ll examine the details of your circumstances including all related documents and paperwork that prove you’ve taken your truck in for the same problem(s) more than once. We have many combined years of experience and expertise with Lemon Law claims and will work diligently on your behalf to get you the compensation you’re entitled to. With considerable proven success in all cases pertaining to Lemon laws, it is our constant endeavor to help our clients get the best results. Irrespective of whether we negotiate with the truck manufacturer or take it to court, we’ll ensure that you get justice, and your rights are protected as mandated, by law.

California’s Lemon Law as it Applies to Trucks

California’s Lemon Law covers an extensive range of vehicles, not just motor vehicles and motorcycles. It also applies to boats, watercraft, motorhomes, RVs, and trucks. A common question that arises is “Does California’s Lemon Law cover trucks that are used for businesses?” The Lemon Law covers vehicles that are leased or purchased for family, household, and personal use. But, that vehicle has to be under the warranty of a manufacturer, and only then the Lemon laws are applicable.

Yes, the law does cover trucks that are leased or purchased for business. However, it’s important to understand that only certain trucks are covered by California’s Lemon Law. Trucks that are leased or purchased and used for business purposes are covered provided they meet the following criteria:

If your truck meets these criteria, it’s covered by California’s Lemon Law, despite being used for business purposes. A Lemon Trucks Lawyer in Cathedral City, with the Braff Law Firm, can also help you determine if you have a valid claim. They will assist in the filing process and aggressively represent you, should you case go to court.

Why Do Lemon Law Claims Get Denied?

Unfortunately, many Lemon Law claims get denied. Although there are a few reasons why this could happen, the three listed here are, by far, the most common:

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Greg NeelyGreg Neely
02:06 16 Feb 23
The firm was very quick to return my call and gave me sound advice. Turns out that I do not require legal counsel at this time. Really appreciate the honest advice and will reach out if I require legal service in the future. Their receptionist was very pleasant and knowledgeable as well.
Leona LaneLeona Lane
01:54 14 Feb 23
Great service by Braff Law Firm. They guided me through the process and stayed with me throughout the whole process and offered advice where needed. I focused on getting better and they took care of the rest. They fought for me and I couldn't be happier with their level of service.
Kristina ButlerKristina Butler
01:33 13 Feb 23
Very happy with the service provided by this firm. The staff were extremely helpful and understanding. Explained everything in detail. The clerks were especially helpful when asking questions about what was needed. They explained in easy terms and made sure you understood. They are very patient with all the necessary processes and respond in a timely manner when a message is left. I highly recommend this firm based on my experience with them.
Hazel LawsonHazel Lawson
01:59 12 Feb 23
The team was absolutely amazing! I got in an accident and was not sure how to proceed. After one call, Braff Law was very helpful and guided me on what needs to be done. They helped with recovery and have been by my side the whole time.
Becky ParkBecky Park
01:52 12 Feb 23
Braff Law Firm was nothing short of amazing! The entire process was hard but the team did everything possible to make me comfortable & helped me every step of the way. Thank you so much! The best decision I made was going to Braff Law after my car accident.
Frank McCoyFrank McCoy
01:47 11 Feb 23
Braff law was very professional and knowledgeable when explaining my personal injury options. They answered all the questions I had and gave me honest, practical answers. I have utmost confidence in their abilities. I have no hesitation recommending them for anyone in need of any personal injury legal matter.
Carey BurgessCarey Burgess
02:24 10 Feb 23
The lawyers were very professional, friendly, responsive, and followed up with me as required. They listened and understood every detail of the entire process and ensured that they delivered on their promise to resolve the issue. I recommend this firm to anyone looking for great lawyers to handle any legal personal injury cases.
Rebecca HarrisRebecca Harris
02:14 10 Feb 23
The attorney of this firm is the most wonderful and compassionate person I have ever spoken to... and I have spoken to quite a few. I recommend him ever so highly. He immediately put my mind at ease about my situation and explained how the claim process looks like. I'm so greatful.
Felix G.Felix G.
22:39 17 Jan 23
I was in a car accident and needed legal help. I was lucky enough to be referred to Braff Law Firm and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Elan was my lawyer and he was amazing. He fought hard for me and got me the best possible settlement. I would recommend Braff Law to anyone in need of a great lawyer.
Mason CruzMason Cruz
14:21 06 Jan 23
I had an accident while working and Braff law was able to help me get the settlement I needed.
Mamen FaithMamen Faith
16:34 22 Dec 22
I heard an ad for Braff law on the radio and decided to give them a call for my orthopaedic injury case. I'm glad I did
Derrick BertrandDerrick Bertrand
19:48 10 Dec 19
had a great experience. Everyone at the office was so helpful every step of the way. They made sure I was aware of everything that was going on and explained everything in a way that I understood.Thank you, Braff Accident Law Firm, for your advice.

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