Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers In Cathedral City, Fontana, Corona & Moorpark

Tripping and falling can be so much more than a case of social embarrassment that’s often associated with a slip or a stumble. Thankfully, most slips are minor stumbles; however, there are also many cases where slips, trips and falls have a more serious outcome and cause serious injuries.

Under California law, anyone who owns, operates or manages property is legally obligated to make sure the surfaces on their property are safe to walk on. Any surface that is hazardous and results in the slip, trip or fall that seriously injured another person means that person is eligible to get damages to tide over injuries and related costs. This is a set amount of money that is used to cover the expenses of the person’s injuries, their medical bill and their pain and suffering.

Sometimes, people underestimate slip and fall injuries.

Oftentimes, they can be much more devastating than anticipated. The reason why so many people underestimate this type of injury is that so many slip and fall accidents in Cathedral City, Fontana, Corona & Moorpark are minor enough that a person is able to get up and resume their life, perhaps a little sorer and with a couple of bruises, but nothing serious. Others end up with traumatic brain and spinal injuries,

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Slip, Trip, or Fall Personal Injury Claim Filing

It is good to seek the assistance of lawyer quickly after the accident as they can save the evidence, strengthening the claim. Getting good legal help will strengthen your case and increase the likelihood of you getting the proper amount of compensation in relation to the injury you experienced.

When you select legal representation, like the lawyers at Braff Law Firm, you take the first step in the process of filing your claim. Our team understands that it is difficult to take the first step in these types of injuries is the process of filing the claim. This is because insurance companies are often reluctant to pay out a full claim for this type of injury and will often minimize the injuries that have come as the result of a slip and fall accident. They will also often minimize the hazards posed by the incident in order to reduce the amount of money that they’ll need to pay out.


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Our committed team of personal injury lawyers and support staff in Moorpark, Cathedral City, Fontana & Corona, have many years of experience as a personal injury lawyer and know all the steps needed to be taken care of in order to successfully win the claim. Our firm is highly experienced and professional, with a solid reputation for success. We have also built a reputation for being one of the most compassionate personal injury firms in California and we are known for caring about the people we represent.

Our team understands how frustrating and scary it can be if you are seriously injured in a slip, trip or fall injury. We offer free consultations to every accident victim or a client, which also gives you a chance to ask us questions, too, to see if you’re comfortable with us.